cropped-fbvxasoqnuv1tkgy4kgda.jpgThanks for joining me! I’m using this blog as a way to share ideas and to help me get to grips with the teaching profession – if, as a result of these ramblings, you get something from it to, then that’s amazing. I’m starting my 5th year of teaching and those years have lead to varying degrees of success and lessons that I needed to learn. It’s only in the last 6 to 9 months that I feel that I am actually getting somewhere with it and now my interest in educational research and edu-twitter are turning things that I thought I knew around.

The picture is poignant to the profession as a whole. We need to carefully tread the path, often not knowing where the path ends, what twist/turns/obstacles we will encounter on the way or what educational gale force wind will try to blow us off. These are my ramblings as I try to navigate this path. I will not claim that I have answers to anything, or that what I am suggesting will work for you, in your context. These are my ramblings; they will focus on three key areas: teaching and learning, educational research and curriculum. If these ramblings help you navigate your path, then that is a fantastic bonus for me. I hope you enjoy…